Drenching Kent In Cum

Duration: 20:41 Views: 2.9K Submitted: 12 months ago Year: 2012
Description: Originally, I thought putting Kent and Chandler together would make a scene we could call “When Titans Clash!” Then they both came so much, I thought we might have to call it “When Titans Splash!” Frat boy Kent hasn't had a chance to hook up with big-dicked Chandler. He wanted to see for himself what all the talk was about. The guys make out and from the beginning their chemistry was intense. For Kent, things got even more intense once he climbed on top of Chandler's huge cock! Once Kent got going, he took every inch. Chandler pounded him hard and fast until Kent blew a huge load all over his abs and chest. Then Chandler drenched him as he seemed unable to stop cumming! .