Russ Plays Rough

Duration: 19:32 Views: 155 Submitted: 1 week ago Year: 2011
Description: Who knew sweet and innocent-looking Russ could talk so dirty … and be so rough? Dawson didn't know – but he finds out the hard way when he and Russ get together. Once Dawson starts sucking Russ' dick, Russ doesn't stop giving orders. He makes Dawson eat his ass, bend over and even say he's his bitch! Russ smacks Dawson's ass and pulls his arms behind his back as he gets fucked – and Dawson loves every minute of the rough treatment! Dawson rides Russ' big cock, then gets pounded until both of them shoot huge loads – only Dawson shoots cum all the way up to his cheek while Russ cums inside Dawson! I hope we'll see even more of Russ' rough side!