Nathan Reed - Solo

Duration: 15:10 Views: 361 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: Masturbation movie master Max Carter knocks it out of the park in this solo scorcher from Nathan Reed. After a little small talk we find out that Helix is Nathan's absolute favorite part of the Florida native's California trip. A few seconds into the video and you'll be able to tell this is true. Reed loves the camera and the camera loves him. With his Nordic god good looks, rock hard rippling abs and ice blue eyes this heart throb could melt the polar ice caps! This kid knows how to work a camera AND his cock! Delicious director Max massages his model's member then gets the beauty to bend over with a spank and open his perfect ass like a present. A perfectly placed mirror gives us a great view of both Nathan's gifts. Max gets the boy on his back with his legs in the air, then helps him out with a hot handy and a little love choke. This makes Reed's rocket explode. Letting his star take matters into his own hand, Max steps back and Nathan blasts his belly with a big beautiful load. Shooting the camera a coy smile, he scoops up a huge helping and stuffs it in his mouth, all the while his blue eyes blazing