Sergeant Jordan

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Description: After two tours in Iraq, Sergeant Jordan has proven his dedication through his service many times over. During his fourteen months on deployment, his big hands turned wrenches in Ramadi as a mechanic, recovered burned out vehicles, and helped rebuild villages in some of Iraq's hardest hit areas. He saw and did a lot, and even though some of the experiences were hard, it matured him and helped him appreciate things we take for granted here. Now that he is back state side, he can put his big hands to another good use, and show off the rest of his assets. Once Jordan moves his giant paws over his crotch, it is obvious he has plenty to work with under his pants. He unbuttons his top to give a glimpse of his huge pecs and sculpted abs. Slowly at first, he works his meat over through his pants before he dives his hands underneath to go hands on. Once his thick rod is standing at attention, he drops his pants down to his ankles and peels off his top to show just how built he is. He leans back with one hand behind his head and starts working that meat between his massive thighs. His cum filled nut sack rolls gently between his legs as he gets his meat rock hard. Then he kicks off his pants and gets on his knees to show off his hot profile as his tree trunk arm milks away. Jordan's massive build sways as he stokes his meat more intensely before he lays back down to get to some serious stroking. In moments, Jordan stars pounding his rod, his legs tense, his abs flex and his breathing becomes intense. Then he rips a thick creamy load of cum that pours from his cock, running down his hands and flinging onto his abs before he lays back, fully released.