David Kadera, Julio Rey & Robin Sanchez

Duration: 17:00 Views: 27K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: After playing with Julio, Robin decided it was time for his partner David to experience the same joys that he has with other men. After a little coxing David had a great time with two guys sucking him off. Now David is finding out just how hot it is to have two tongues fuck his ass and eat him out. Julio and Robin go back and forth on David’s hot pink hole. Robin begins to suck on David’s cock as Julio continues to work his hole with his wet lips and tongue. David is then put over the barrel and Julio plows his hard cock deep into his hungry hole as Robin feeds him his cock. David finds that being in the middle of two hot cocks has its advantages. Being fucked from both ends means and endless supply of pleasure. David is then flipped over and his legs spread wide open for Julio’s hard cock to penetrate him hard and deep. Julio pounds away at David’s ass as his pleasure builds deep within his balls and shoots up and out of his shaft all over David’s balls. Julio immediately begins eating his creamy load from David’s cum coated balls.
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