Sergeant Neil

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Description: Sergeant Neil is a hard charging Army dog, who starts off his day by waking up at 5 am to go to PT and roll around in the dirt to help keep our country safe. After that, it’s a huge breakfast and then off to work in Motor Transport, keeping everything rolling. It’s hard work, and occasionally he wishes he could sleep in. But with a few cups of coffee, he gets going, and at the end of the day, he feels great. Then he finishes off most days with a bit of porn on his phone and then hits the sack to start it all over again. He went over to Iraq three times, and he saw his share of action whenever they went outside of the wire. The feel and smell of different air, different cultures and sights, is something he will never forget. But after it all, he was happy to jump a flight back to his home. Neil wastes no time in reaching down to start working his crotch. In a few moments, he has massaged the outlines of he nice thick rod into view. He pulls off his blouse, and t-shirt, then reaches down into his button fly and works it some more before opening his trousers. His bulge keeps growing as he lays back to work it some more. Then he drops his trousers down to his boots and goes hands-on with his thick uncut cock. Once he’s got his tool standing tall, he works his head with his foreskin, letting himself enjoy each stroke as his other hand massages his nut sack. Once Neil is fully stripped down naked, he get’s right back at it. Starts tightening his grip and taking harder strokes, squeezing his foreskin over the head of his cock. As precum starts dripping from his head, he swirls over the head of his cock with his fingers, edging himself. Then his body tightens and his thighs convulse as he blows his load. White steaks fly in the air as he unloads all his rounds.