Sergeant Randy Fucks Lieutenant Zach

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Description: Sergeant Randy loves to show yoga tricks to his military buddies. So today, he’s challenging Lieutenant Zach to some new positions. They roll out the yoga matt and the first thing Zach does is put his foot behind his head. Not to be outdone, Zach shows how a handstand is done. Under the pretense of doing some stretches, Zach ends up on the floor on his back with Randy sucking his dick. Randy stands and Zach hops on his knees to reciprocate the oral favors. The muscular stud climbs on the couch and sticks his ass in the air so Randy can lick his butthole really good. Then the ginger stud sits back and lets Zach glide his dick deep inside his hole. As he glides up and down on the long dick, he strokes his own cock. The two gaze into each others’ eyes and kiss as Zach’s sphincter is stretched open. Rolling onto his back, Zach let’s Randy climb on top for better penetration and eye contact. Zach’s eyes roll back into their sockets as he gets deep-dicked while caressing his buddy and stroking his cock. Zach turns around so Randy can take him from behind. Randy orders him to “take that dick”. And Zach happily grunts his willingness to comply. Randy pumps away until Zach rears up and starts to groan. His cock squirts multiple jets of jizz all over the place. Then he leans over to receive his buddy’s load from behind. After he paints Zach’s round cheeks and crevice with his cum, Randy leans over and licks it clean.