Refugee's Welcome by Bruce LaBruce

Duration: 22:02 Views: 46K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Inspired by the deeply moving and brave story of a gay Syrian refugee arriving in Germany, Erika passed the confession on to the prolific, fantastic and controversial director Bruce LaBruce, to direct XC´s first gay film. A Syrian refugee is living in Germany when he stumbles across a poetry reading. Not understanding each other´s language, they nevertheless share a moment of recognition, of desire, from across the room. Too shy to approach any further, the young man walks away. But that won´t be the last time they meet...Brutal, gentle, sexy, romantic and earth-shatteringly moving, this film is an exploration of how our differences can become our similarities; how in a world being turned upside down, love and desire are still the strongest forces of all.