Travis Tops Tom

Duration: 29:14 Views: 10K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2012
Description: Gorgeous ex-footballer Tom surprised me when he agreed to do guy/guy stuff in the first place. He was pretty resistant! But once he got with Dawson, he saw how much fun it was. Still, it surprised me even more when he agreed to botttom for Travis! Granted, Tom was nervous. He’d heard about Travis’s long cock, and wasn’t sure he was going to be able to take it. As he joked, it wasn’t just a big day for him, it was a “huge day. Monumental.” Of course, Travis knows how to break a guy in. I reminded Tom of how Travis started as a pretty much a bottom and now he’s a top, who in his own words, “can’t get enough.” I knew Tom was in good hands. Travis and Tom kiss. Watching the lean, sexy Travis take care of the beefier, somewhat shy Tom is amazing! Travis rubs and kisses Tom’s bicep. He pulls down Tom’s shorts and gets Tom’s cock good and hard with a long blowjob. Travis moves down to rim Tom out. He licks Tom’s virgin hole, and drives his tongue and then his finger into Tom’s ass. Travis sucks Tom again, then tells Tom to suck his dick. Tom blows Travis. Travis pushes Tom’s head down on his cock. He makes Tom sucks his balls as well, then feeds him some more cock. Travis has Tom climb up onto his dick. Tom slides down slowly. With Travis’ encouragement, he’s able to sit all the way down on Travis’ big cock. Tom bounces up and down, taking every inch of Travis like a champ! Travis drills up into him, faster and harder. Travis strokes Tom’s dick for him as he fucks him. Travis bends Tom over and fucks him doggy-style. He shoves his cock deep into Tom’s ass. Tom jerks his dick as he gets pounded. Tom lies on his side. Travis nails him from behind, fucking a huge load out of Tom! Cum sprays all over the bed. Travis blasts his load all over Tom’s ass. The guys kiss, and Travis tells Tom he’s pretty drenched. Tom says it was “pretty great.” The guys head to the shower and talk about how well Tom did for his first time. Here’s to many more!