Tom Creampies Ellis

Duration: 16:47 Views: 10K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Some of these guys so obviously and so clearly enjoy the sensations of their first time getting fucked, we have to wonder if they find themselves thinking, “I can’t believe I waited this long to try this!”. Ellis would be one of those guys - the way he moaned and groaned during his first bottoming experience and how he thrust his ass up while gripping the bed sheets tight as his hole got fucked left no doubt he could not possibly have enjoyed the experience more. Ellis’ first bottoming experience lit a fire in him, and that’s evident here - he attacks Tom’s cock with his mouth, tongue, and throat and you can see he can’t get enough of it and can’t wait to feel it in his ass. He’s overflowing with energy, enthusiastic, horny, and downright cock-hungry! Ellis might look like the shy, quiet and innocent type but that all goes out the window when he’s face down, ass up, with Tom’s dick balls-deep in his hole. Every one of Tom’s thrusts brings a loud gasp or whimper out of him, and the only thing we’re really left wondering is whether he loved getting fucked by Tom more, or whether Tom loved having such an eager ass at his disposal more.
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