Jeff Stronger & Kameron Frost

Duration: 19:46 Views: 8.7K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: A man forbidden by his faith to taste the pleasures of sex with another man. Angel faced, blonde Kameron Frost could not resist forever, and when he sees burly, groundsman Jeff Stronger all his resolutions melt away. Kameron gets down on his knees ... but not to beg for forgiveness..... Almost 2 years after ‘Priest’, we revisit the subject of religious taboos and desires with angel-faced Kameron Frost lusting after that mountain of testosterone, Jeff Stronger. Now you might be thinking that Kameron would be lusting after Jeff’s huge uncut cock and taking a pounding and kameron’s caused this kind of confusion in the past, because the young blue-eyed man is packing a thick, juicy piece of meat himself, he likes nothing more than to sink it deep into a juicy, hairy arse – and Jeff stronger has the juiciest, hairiest arse we’ve seen in quite some time.
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