LICK & STICK with Kevin Warhol, Raphael Nyon

Duration: 25:28 Views: 21K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Raphael appereciates Kevin oral and anal ministrations - Raphael is our exceptional exception. How is he an exception? Well, most of our Hungarian models start out as “top only” and require considerable cajoling from GD to convince them to try bottoming (e.g. Kris, Vadim and Joel). Some of our less malleable Magyars refused to bottom despite GD’s pleadings (Florian and Jim). Raphael is the exception in that thus far he wants to bottom only and we have not succeeded in getting him to top. How is he exceptional? Well, you’ll discover the answer to that question after viewing this episode shot at Castello KinkyAngelo last summer.
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