Filling Up Jared's Drain

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Description: And again my new favorite, Jared Shaw! And besides, for the second time in a passive - it's just a holiday of some kind! And in the company of such a handsome man as Tommy, whose member exceeds the size of quite a good aggregate of Jared himself. There is such a Jared in the shower, the body is washing in all places, in the window the ceiling looks. And suddenly he notices how his friend is watching him. And would not be embarrassed - cheered as if suddenly found someone who stole his sweet roll (those who are in the topic, understand what the reference) In general, he was pleased, washed off, pulled on his panties Kelvin Klein and went to understand. Only a short time disassembly turned out - a friend and did not think to deny himself. And why - and so everyone understands everything. They sat down side by side, touched each other, to finally make sure of the seriousness of their intentions - and secured a silent consent with a strong and not at all friendly kiss ... It's cool when such a muscular guy turns out to be completely universal. So Jared deeply imbued with the process that a bit near the pillow did not bite the piece, while it was pierced from behind! Rav, like Tuzik hot-water bottle! But in the end, of course, everything ended well, all survived, including props! Well, we all have another great video for viewing!
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