Fabien Footeux & Matith Yah

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Description: 1) Fabien Footeux comes down to the kitchen where Matith Yah is sitting at the table going through the post. Seems as though Fabien is "posting" something of his own in the way of a hard cock in need of attention. Fabien buries Matith's face in his crotch and Matith proceeds to "wet his noodle." Matith works Fabien's cock feverishly until Fabien decides it's time to "up" the action in this hot twink scene. You'll be amazed by all of the positions two twinks can find themselves in and Matith takes it to an all new level (for me) when giving a blowjob. But the action doesn't stop with just a blowjob. Throw in some sneaker fetish, a little rimming, sucking face and these two are ready for some deep penetration. With a cock like Fabien has, it can't be anything but deep! 2) Getting back with Fabien Footeux and Matith Yah in the kitchen, Fabien has Matith against the wall and playing "ramrod" with his sizable cock. Fwap! Fwap! Fwap! it goes as we see Matith's eyes roll back and butt cheeks reddened from the spanking. Matith now lays on his back on the table sniffing a sneaker while Fabien inspects his work before he continues. Can't blame a guy for wanting to do the job right. Next we see Matith on the floor with Fabien's socked foot crammed in his mouth. Oops, Matith lets one loose. With the coast clear, Fabien goes back to work pile driving Matith's hole on the floor. Stopping to check his progress, Matith's hole is looking bright red and opening up nicely. At this point, Fabien decides to finish himself off and sits back in the chair. Matith quickly takes his place between Fabien's legs and provides a little more lip service before Fabien takes over. Fabien blows a good sized load all over Matith and down his chest and stomach. Then Matith finishes himself off with Fabien providing the aroma of "de'feet." I'd say more like "suck'cess."
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