Archie Hunt & Ivan Sabado - Taking a Look

Duration: 25:32 Views: 7.0K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2018
Description: Here's what I like about this video - these are two things. First, of course, Ivanushka. He looks like he is being tortured during sex. Directly on the count put. And although this, of course, is not far from the truth, but between his grimaces it is noticeable that he still brings some pleasure to the process, despite attempts to maintain a stiff-faced expression. And the willingness with which he is substituted for his partner, changing his pose, makes it clear that it does not go so tightly into him that it hurts there. Well, the second interesting factor is Archie. In my opinion, he, though in some angles very distantly, but looks like the famous founder of VKontakt Pasha Durov. Is that the face a little more full, well, and do not take what the latter has pumped up now. And the guy is so cheerful: everything glances over the camera, like Vanya, but unlike him, he does not roll his eyes, but something smirks, not stopping frictions. In general, it's fun to imagine for a moment that it's Durov in his youth I do not know who has what, but I have such associations. But the clip is good in any case - that with thoughts of Pasha, that agreeing to a simple Archie