Can’t Resist Grayson

Duration: 17min 26sec Views: 4 024 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: The first time Declan Moore met Grayson Lange, he knew immediately he had to have the dark-haired, adorable twink. Surprised at his own infatuation-cum-obsession, tattooed and slender Declan invites Grayson over for a swim. After frolicking in the pool, unable to resist Grayson, Declan finds himself in the twink's arms. As if in a dream, unwilling to have the moment end or break the spell they seem to be under, they begin to kiss, fondling each other before slipping casually, almost innocently, into a beautiful, sensual and -- dare we say? -- romantic, outdoor bareback fuck that leaves them both spent and splattered in fresh, sweet cum.