Massage Me 2 Scene 4

Duration: 22:58 Views: 17K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2018
Description: Cock-Crazed Slut Works His Tattooed Beau To A Kinky Climax! - Abir Tevel, Ron Negba 2018 There’s a heady mix of slushy romance and hardcore kink when director, John Smith, throws boy-of-the-moment, Ron Negba, with the artistically tattooed newbie, Avir Tevel; creating a truly unforgettable coupling that will delight every STAXUS fan who enjoys watching horny blond boys getting horned-up and dirty. Of course, the clever use of soft drapes and a fur skin rug adds a subtle charm to proceedings; but from the very moment that Negba starts to pull away at his new buddy’s rather unconventional attire you get the distinct sense that these are two lads who are desperate to rut big style! That said, there’s still time for the guys to enjoy a little massaging fun, as Negba draws out the oils to grease his mate’s pert little rump; but suffice it to say that it’s not long before Negba’s urges have turned decidedly carnal, as he tops-and-tails with his mate and rubs his now well-oiled shaft up against Tevel’s arse. At which point you’d be easily forgiven for assuming that it’s the more muscled pal who’s all set to get his guts stretched to ecstasy. As ever, however, it’s the cock-crazed Negba who comes up trumps to take every inch of hard dick on offer; commencing with another imaginative reverse fuck, before quite literally sitting on Tevel’s lap and riding his mate like a bitch in season. A short session of 69-ing between the two lads ensues; but it’s Negba who is characteristically determined to get the keenest edge of the fun, taking another hard banging from Tevel missionary-style so as to secure a sticky climax, before tea-bagging his co-star for the final crescendo!
Categories: Bareback Twinks