Darius Ferdynand and Josh Charters

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Description: When the sun shines in London, the city turns from a grey veteran into a young, beautiful, shiny stallion. And as soon as the sun is out, so are the shorts. The testosterone immediately follows, running free. We spot a cute guy jogging around, he watches us, we watch him. Josh doesn’t miss a beat and jumps up to intercept him. I offer my flat, but only on condition I can film them. We go back, Josh is totally besotted by Darius, a very sexy eastern European guy and the boys can’t keep their mouths off each other. Darius soon gets his own cock out and it’s as big as the one in his mouth. This two are really into each other and I can feel my own cock fighting my underwear. Darius has a beautiful smooth, pink ass and Josh’s cock aches to be let in. Darius jumps on the sofa and offers his hole to those thick 8 inches. Josh fucks him before moving to the floor and fucking him on his back. The boys take a little break to allow Josh to cool down and delay a little bit more his cumshot. It’s too early and he wants more of it! He fucks Darius again until the boy shoots all over his chest and Josh tops it off with his own hot load of cum.
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