On the Prowl - Scene 18

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Description: Max Toro is hanging out on the street feeling a little pensive when David passes by. Max immediately thinks this is exactly when I need to pull me out of this feeling. David Lambert returns with Max to his apartment and the two devour each other with passionate kissing as the clothes slowly drop away. As David’s long, uncut cock is released Max knows this is exactly what he needs. David then pulls out Max’s huge, fat cock and is more than impressed. After docking with David Max takes David’s hard cock into his mouth and works his lips up and down the long shaft. David then shows Max that he knows how to work over a man’s fat cock, then licks, chews and probes Max’s foreskin. Max is so excited by David’s cock sucking skills that he gives him a gift of a mouthful of cum. Max immediately turns around and gives his hot hole up to David’s long, raw cock. David drives his cock deep into Max and begins to ride him hard. David is now ready to feel the heat of Max’s raw cock in his ass so he squats down over Max’s hot tongue so that he can lube his ass up for the oncoming assault. David then moves over top of Max’s throbbing cock and feels it slowly penetrate his wet, raw hole. Max pounds away at David’s hungry hole as David strokes his straining cock. David can no longer hold back and erupts a huge creamy load of cum all over Max - Max Toro, David Lambert
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