TJ Brown and Anthony Cox

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Description: Big cuddly chub TJ Brown has just met Anthony Cox and the two are getting acquainted over a friendly game of pool. They are getting intensely interested in each other the more they circle the table, and their friendly game is rapidly evolving into a big winner-take-all affair. After TJ sinks the eight ball, he's got big Anthony pushed up against the table, kissing him and pawing at his t-shirt. TJ wants that big dick and that HOT HOLE and he wastes not time getting down to business He pulls down Anthony's jeans and attacks his hairy ass, rimming him out, getting his bearded face deep in his sweaty crack. Anthony is grunting like pig, bent over the pool table and he can't wait to feel that thick cock ramming him. TJ gets him on the table and pounds his ass until they both shoot all over Anthony's furry chest.
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