D’d Down Raw

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Description: It was Folsom St Fair weekend and Damon and Stephen were in town to film with several studios and to make an appearance at the PornTeam booth on our behalf. PornTeam produces our DVDs and the last couple years, they’ve asked GuyBone to be their spotlight site at Folsom. Flattered by their offer, we're always happy to provide some of our hottest guys for picture taking, autograph signing, and general shenanigans with the crowd. This year was beyond hot with these two guys joining our family. And I was lucky enough to get some free time with them for this insanely hot scene. They’d met West at a party the night before so it was only fitting that he join Damon in giving Stephen one of the best raw fucks of his life. One so great, this tantalizing trio ended up with an extra 20 minutes of footage! That's double standard length and definitely more fuck for your buck! D’d Down Raw gets its title from the ever sexy Roy Gardner (who was also at Folsom and filmed with Stephen separately). He used the phrase “D’d Down” once and got me curious as to its meaning. He explained it as “just giving a good dicking” and that was a hot enough explanation for me (and my suddenly throbbing cock). So I knew when I got Damon and West to both fuck Stephen bareback, I had to callback to Roy’s hot as fuck phrase. So very appropriate for this scene. I had one request for the trio of furry fuckers before me - begin the threeway by stroking your own boners and then offering a helping hand to your buds beside you. They were more than happy to create a little circle jerk for their drooling director before the sucking action got started. The summer sun created a warm room and the guys’ masculine scents soon permeated from their pits. I was in dude heaven watching these studs strip out of their shorts and shirts, stroking their own stiffening cocks as well as each other’s. All three guys’ cocks were at full attention within moments and they waved them around, jerked them, teased them, and played with them. Big boners. Hard dicks. Throbbing cocks. And they were just getting started. Damon asked Stephen if he wanted to taste his dick and of course Stephen did. Seeing these two work together is always a treat. Throwing a third stud into the mix seems to be a recipe for success. Worked wonders with Dusty in Bareback Otter Romp and this time around, West was proving to be just the third party this party needed. Stephen dropped down on Damon’s rock hard erection while West kept their daddy’s mouth entertained with his own lips, furry pits, and raging hardon. It quickly became a suckfest and I was bug eyed trying not to miss any of the action. Stephen slid over to West’s cock and invited Damon to join in the sucking. Both guys worked on their fellow otter’s stiff dick before breaking off into an oral train. West face fucked Damon while Stephen serviced him down below. They were all naked and hairy and hard and I was loving it all. Damon is the king of dirty talk. He plays that dominant daddy role well, asking questions of his cock curious costars and offering compliments when a job is well done by his boys. He encouraged them to make out and suck each other as he moved around back of Stephen’s delicious ass. He ordered him to show him his hungry hole and then he devoured it. Damon’s face was buried so deep in Stephen’s butt, I thought it might come out the other end and start kissing West. Speaking of West, can I just take a second to shout his praises? This dude is fucking sexy as hell. Buzz cut, hard hairy body, big bouncing cock, hot tattoos and an insatiable sex drive. So glad he’s come back to film more with us. A definite asset to the team. He and Damon switched seats so West could taste that spit covered hole of Stephen’s while their mutual bottom gulped down daddy’s dick. Stephen was muttering his enjoyment through a mouthful of cock as West ate his ass. Stephen was beyond ready to bottom. He needed to be D’d Down as badly as Damon and West needed their raw cocks inside his warm hole. West was up to bat first, sliding his big boner in with the help of SPUNK lube. He got in there pretty deep pretty quickly, driving Stephen wild. West and Damon made out over top of Stephen who sucked Damon’s cock. West was driving his big dick so fucking deep inside Stephen. Bareback boning at its best. Their hairy bodies banged against each other as West thrust fast and hard. He spread Stephen’s buttcheeks open to show off his raw cock slamming in and out of his hole. What a view! Damon wanted in. He told his boy to lay down on the coffee table with his legs up in the air, West holding them by his sexy feet. Damon lubed up and eased his fat cock inside Stephen. He started fucking his ass hard, making Stephen bellow his signature sex cry. I love listening to that sexy otter whimper. He sucked on West’s balls while Damon drilled him with his uncovered cock. Fuck, that hairy hole was getting used wonderfully. Stephen truly was getting D’d Down and all three of them were loving it. Next was West’s turn topping again. He sat down in a chair and let Stephen sit on his lap. His very big, very stiff lap. Damon rubbed West’s nuts and teased Stephen’s hairy hole as the boy wonder bounced up and down on that beautiful fuck stick. As I filmed, I also recorded a behind the scenes clip with my phone. I uploaded it later that day and it remains our most viewed sneak peek. Guys went fucking wild for a glimpse of these studs in barebacking action. And now here’s the scene in its entirety. I can only imagine how many of you will bust your loads to this. Damon got inside Stephen again, this time doggie style on an ottoman. He fucking pounded that boy hole as Stephen nestled his face in West’s manly chest. Stephen demanded the dick. He received it. Damon was relentless, wailing that ass with his meat hammer. He and West switched spots again, West also wanting a turn in doggie. West hugged those trim hips and dicked down that fuck hole. Stephen’s beautiful butt bounced with each hump. And after all this fucking, he still seemed surprised each time someone thrust deep into him. He was perfectly tight but accommodating, the most excellent bottom. Damon laid flat on the couch and slammed up into Stephen’s ass until he came. It was fast and furious and he screwed his own seed out around the sides of his shaft. Then he left his cock inside his boy and pushed his cum back inside Stephen’s ass with his finger. Holy fuck. That was so hot to watch. And when they kind of just relaxed together after the internal explosion, I got hard thinking about Damon’s still stiff and pulsing prick buried inside Stephen’s butt. Mmmm. What delighted me even more was when West pulled Stephen into the kitchen and bent him over the counter, eating out his now cream filled ass. Damn! He was getting all of Damon’s delicious load with his tongue. And Stephen was rock hard while he got rimmed. It was back to the couch so West could experience what Damon just had. He laid on his back and let Stephen mount him. Damn, I loved seeing that meaty shaft screw that tight, hairy hole. And those dancing balls, jostling with each thrust. Stephen reached back and cupped them. Grr! Then to my delight, Damon was back in the game, wanting more of Stephen’s sexy ass. He topped him missionary and drilled down into him. All that fur was driving me wild. Such hairy, beastly men. And Damon’s own delectable butt wiggled while he worked. Fuck yeah, daddy! Give your boy that bone! Stephen was close, West was close, Damon was close for the second time. These furry fuckers had delivered one helluva hot scene and they weren’t even done yet! Their last position was my favorite. Damon doing Stephen doggie style, spitting on his back as he fucked him, Stephen gulping down West’s dick until he was ready to bust. West exploded, shooting his seed onto Stephen’s waiting tongue then blasting the rest down his eager throat. Stephen cleaned the cum from West’s thumb and kissed him, then got on his back one final time for his daddy. Stephen jerked his dick fervently as Damon nailed his hole. Damon hit just the right spot and Stephen spilled his seed all over his hairy tummy. Damon matched his timing and came a second time while buried deep inside his little otter. They collapsed on each other, sex shakes and all. Damon pulled his dripping dick out of Stephen’s used hole and toyed with it, pushing some more cum back inside with the head of his dick and his finger. With all this intense sex, these bareback boys were gonna need a nap before heading back out in that Folsom heat. But it was worth it. Everyone benefitted from Stephen getting D’d Down Raw. Including you - Damon Andros, Stephen Harte, West
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