From Prague With Love - Scene 4

Duration: 23:34 Views: 18K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2018
Description: Brit Boy Meets Monster Cock In A High-Octane Flip-Flop Fucking! (Drew Brooks, Joel Tamir) 2018 Let’s face it, there’s only one reason Drew Brooks wanted to visit Prague – and it had nothing to do with the TV tower on his postcard! That said, the cock that’s nestling inside Joel Tamir’s jocks has a certain similarity to the said construction in terms of its oversized dimensions; and it’s really little wonder that the English visitor should want to make the dick’s acquaintance and ride it to the summit. So it’s with a sense of relief that the Brit lad finally gets down and dirty with the biggest boy on the block; as both fellows take it in turn to devour each other’s meaty offerings, before 69-ing on the bed with the sort of gusto you’d expect from a couple of guys on heat. All of which leads us nicely to the point of seeing Brooks pushed to the limit by Tamir’s monster shaft; interjected by the sight of Tamir getting banged by his newfound buddy in return. The result is a top-notch flip-flop that will almost certainly have you flapping feverishly in response; with each beaut giving and receiving in equal measure as they rut like backstreet whores. It’s little wonder that neither can hold back for long – Brooks creaming on his belly whilst stuffed to the max, and Tamir seeding Brooks’ face in return!