Shot in the Dark - Scene 4

Duration: 21:33 Views: 8.1K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2018
Description: Flower-Power Turns Romantic Duo Into A Jizzy Bareback Romp! (Bjorn Nykvist, Lior Hod) 2018 Flowers aren’t always the best way to a man’s heart – or, more importantly, his cock! – but on this occasion they definitely appear to work for Lior Hod when he makes a somewhat subtle pass at Bjorn Nykvist. Not that it ever really takes a great deal to get Nykvist’s juices rising; and so it proves on this occasion as the two lads fall into a hungry snog, before our blond hero dives down into Hod’s lap and slurps on every hard inch now on offer. It’s a move that certainly seems to bring out the horn in Hod, that’s for sure; as he promptly returns the favour and then turns his attention to his mate’s inviting little pucker. Promising to take it easy to begin with, he then finally pushes the head of his badly swollen rod into Nykvist’s guts – signalling the start of a terrific set-piece that will have a whole raft of fans jerking furiously away in appreciation. Indeed, it’s once again a top-notch performance from Nykvist, who takes every inch going like a pro; before squirting all over his own belly mid-fuck, then lapping on the end of Hod’s shaft as it quite literally explodes all over his face and neck. Leaving us to dump our own wads as the two spent puppies share a romantic kiss and smile for the lens!
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