Night Drive / Pulsion Nocturne

Duration: 34:51 Views: 30K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2018
Description: "Boarding School Secrets - Episode 04" / "Les Secrets de l'Internat - Episode 04" For a few days Paul Delay shares his boarding room with Clark Lewis, a young British student. It's time to go to bed but impossible for Paul to sleep. After having checked that his roommate is asleep, he slips a hand into his pajamas and starts to jack off discreetly. Taken by a powerful nocturnal sex impulse Paul cannot be satisfied with a quick hand-job and he starts to fingering himself before going to get a huge dildo in his closet. Trying to be as discreet as possible and choking his criesto wake Clark, Paul using his dildo vigorously. Totally absorbed by his activity Paul doesnotice that the cute British woke up and is now jacking off. When Paul opens his eyes and sees Clark playing with his big cock, the two boys smile and let themselves be guided by their sexual instincts. Clark joins Paul in his bed to kiss, dildo and suck him. It’s then Paul's turn to taste Clark's dick and the incredible passion that drives the two twinks will take them to a night of ecstasy. Clark seems to love this little French ass and he takes great pleasure in licking and fingering more and more deeply by making Paul moan. After hot foreplay Clark penetrates Paul and offers him a night of sex that he’sabout to forget. The two twinks end up jerking each other and cumming abundantly on their bellies before tasting in turn the hot sperm of their partner.