Raw Score - Scene 1

Duration: 23:39 Views: 9.6K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2015
Description: Sport Ladz: Horny Soccer Buddies Kick Off With A Spunky Flip-Flop Fuck! (Erik Franke, Yuri Adamov) 2015 Some boys live for their football – eating and sleeping the game morning, noon and night! Other lads, however, still seem to find time to enjoy the other sweet pleasures that life has for the young. Guys like Erik Franke and Yuri Adamov, who take the first opportunity to quit watching a game so that they can give their fullest attention to each other. And no pretty wonder really, given that both these lads (as we probably all know by now) are fucking gorgeous! Indeed, the mutual attraction is almost palpable, as they slip out of their soccer kits so that they can feast on each other’s handsome, hairless love-sticks – though, oddly enough, their football boots stay on throughout! Not that you’ll take much notice of that peculiarity, we’re quite sure. You’ll be way too busy hanging onto your own dick as these two beauties engage in a horny session of fellatio; prior to Franke pushing his pal over a table so that he can first finger and then fuck Adamov’s ever-hungry little pucker! If you think this is going to be a straight-forward set-piece, however, think again. Having taken every inch that Franke has to offer, Adamov promptly instigates the two lads switching roles. As a result, it’s soon Franke’s turn to get his arse stretched; the dark-haired buddy giving his blonder mate every inch he can muster in return. It’s no time at all before Adamov is creaming Franke’s ass with a solid spew of spunk; but it’s arguably Franke’s climax, directly into his scoring partner’s mouth, that will gain greatest acclaim. All nicely topped off with a very sticky, snowballing smooch!
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