Love me Tender

Duration: 22min 24sec Views: 5 181 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Mozart, Picasso and Lovecraft: three men of mystery- mastering their crafts at ages so young as to make one believe in divine inspiration. Now we have porn-prodigy Jacob Salinger. Is it hyperbolic to compare Jacob to these great artists? Of course! But a beauty like Jacob invites hyperbole. While he may not be divinely inspired, he is certainly divine. As you observe Jacob kissing Kevin with abandon, deep-throating like a pro and bouncing on Kevin’s cock with apparent ease, you will find it hard to believe that this is only his second scene; his second time with a boy; and that his first scene and first time with a boy (Scott Reeves) was only days earlier. Hard-core fans might recognize the whirlpool. This scene was shot with condoms because we were so anxious to shoot with Jacob that we couldn’t wait for the test results to come in. Can you blame us?