Gents 2 (Sergyo, Xavi Duran)

Duration: 19:48 Views: 40K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: One minute we’re at the office, and the next we’re in a public mens-room on the hunt for some kinky, sleaze-action to kick off a hot and very dirty weekend. When we get there we find Xavi Duran at the urinal stroking his thick, uncut meat waiting for a willing mouth to walk in and get him off. And just the excitement of being in a public place gets Xavi’s cock hard as rock, so by the time Sergyo walks in Xavi is raging to get his dick sucked. But Sergyo is playing shy and doesn’t take the bait, so its up to Xavi to take the lead and show Sergyo exactly how to play dirty. Xavi gives Sergyo the full fuck-boy treatment and after he’s had his fun he leaves him a wet, sticky mess on the mens-room floor.
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