Brady - Solo

Duration: 12:06 Views: 18K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2014
Description: SEAN CODY’S BRADY HAS ONE MIGHTY FINE ASS. Sean Cody is really good at zigging just when you think they’re going to zag. New young muscled hottie Brady is a great example. This mega-cute dark haired guy with a big, muscled ass and a fairly large, uncut cock combines the rockin’ bod of an older Cody model with the good looks that are often absent from younger models. So: Score. An guitar player, Brady’s also competed as a bodybuilder, which isn’t surprising given how nicely he poses for the camera. Odds of Returning: He talks about “chicks” digging his cock and his ass, so he’d probably be venturing into new territory. My dick says 90% but my brain says 25%. Do with that what you will. In the meantime, enjoy Brady.