Vitalizing Top

Duration: 20:45 Views: 5.4K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2020
Description: Models Vitali Kutcher, Jesse Evans. While looking through a porn magazine, Vitali Kutcher gets horny. However, his boyfriend Jesse Evans walks in and Vitali feels the urge to hide the periodical, rather than sharing. But never fear, Jesse finds out all the same. His attitude? Why look at a magazine when he's right there, ready, willing and able to satisfy any of Vitali's needs? The two immediately start making out and soon strip down. Jesse drops to his knees to service Vitali's uncut, curved cock. Vitali returns the favor, taking his sweet time devouring the fat, uncut tool before Jesse offers up his ass. Vitali slides home with little lubrication and fucks his boyfriend bareback, on a bench. After a while, they switch it up and move to the floor. There, Jesse rides Vitali before he takes the reins once more and pounds the hell out of Jesse. The bottom spews a large load all over the rug and Vitali follows, shooting all over Jesse's ass.