Hot, Cool and Baked

Duration: 17:03 Views: 7.3K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2019
Description: Models Axel Kane, Jason Wolf. Axel's trip to the 420 dispensary with Jason takes a detour into the wilds of Nevada desert. They hike to a secluded clearing and start pawing at each other's tight bodies and well-packed crotches. Axel wraps his muscular arm around Jason's neck and pulls him closer. They tug at the thickening woodies inside their shorts. Jason works his way down to Axel's dick and pulls it out of his gym cutoffs. He opens wide as Axel fucks his face, then slaps the cock around his mouth. As the guys get hot, the desert sun beats down even hotter. It's time for a change of pace and a cooler spot to take things to the next level. Racing back to town and a friend's vacant pool, Axel cools Jason off in the sparkling water before he rams his dick into the young stud's hungry ass. Jason braces with his hands against a towel on the sun-baked deck. Jason reaches down to stroke his cock in perfect rhythm with Axel's expert drilling. He rolls onto his back while Axel stands in the shallow end to plow straight in. Jason's nuts tighten up into firing position as Axel grabs his ankles and starts fucking like a crazed animal. They're both ready to blow. Axel lies on the towel while Jason grinds his hardest on the big cock. They groan and moan in the hot desert sun as Jason sprays his load straight up and onto his warm bronzed abs. Axel sprays onto Jason's handsome face and gets his cummy dick licked up clean before they kiss and get ready to head back to the house.