The New Boy Gets a Thick One

Duration: 29:03 Views: 4.1K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2018
Description: Models Jeffrey Lloyd, JD Black. New 18-year-old JD Black has a plump, tight little ass, and he loves to bottom for thick raw cocks like the one hunky top Jeffrey Lloyd has for him. He gets a great welcome from the big guy, he’s splashed with cum by the end of it! It goes without saying that Jeffrey Lloyd makes a perfect first-time top for a new boy who loves to bottom, so when we knew we were getting adorable 18-year-old JD Black in front of our cameras for the first time we got straight on the phone to the handsome hunk and offered him first dibs on that sweet ass. We find out a little about the new boy while the two are greedily making out in the sun and it seems Jeffrey is just as enamoured as we are, they just can't stop touching each other! Perhaps it's no surprise that once they get the green light they're heading inside and leading us straight to the bedroom. It's a romantic scene once we get there, with plenty of sensual exploring as the two get to know each other. The kissing and groping is a perfect appetiser for what's to come, but as soon as hairy jock Jeffrey reveals his famously delicious dick young JD is on it and slurping away like a boy possessed. He clearly has experience with big juicy dongs, and he has an impressive one of his own to share too. Jeffrey loves sucking cock, and from the way he goes at that boner the boy has a tasty one. His ass is just as delicious, and pliable too, able to take every thick inch handsome Jeffrey offers. The boy sits that smooth little rump down on the handsome hunk's awesome length of naked man meat and goes for an amazing ride, his hole stretched out around Jeffrey's thick length. Our stunning top picks up the pace when he's got the boy on his side, then on his back, the head of his shaft prodding at JD's prostate and making the boy moan with pleasure. With a little break for some rimming Jeffrey catches his breath, then slides right back in to take them over the finish line. JD's cock goes off like a sprinkler, encouraging Jeffrey to deliver his own milky mess right in the gorgeous boy's face! As introductions go, this has to be one of the sweetest, sweatiest, stickiest first-time performances we've ever had from such a boy, and we're already looking forward to him returning for more.