Gym Jock Anal Play With Ervin

Duration: 18:54 Views: 4.4K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2020
Description: Ervin Kozma is back from the gym when he realizes he picked up the wrong bag in the locker room. The gorgeous and fit young jock is surprised to find a toy inside, but you know a horny guy like him isn't going to miss out on an opportunity to have a good time with it. His post-gym horniness is soon taking over, sucking on the glass probe and groping the shape of his growing cock in his shorts. With his shirt off to display his awesome body he's only getting more turned on, his tight little red undies soon pushed aside to his long cock and cum-filled balls can be properly played with. Soon his slender shaft is throbbing with delight, but it only gets harder still when he eased the bulbous shape of the toy into his tight little jock pucker. His fingers ease his hole open, but the feel of the smooth toy easing inside makes his cock bulge and dribble precum in his stroking hand. Bent over temptingly he performs for us, showing what it would be like to fuck him, but if you think it can't get hotter think again. Laying back on the floor with the toy in his ass and his cock ready to launch gorgeous Ervin showers himself with his milky load, tasting the juices. No doubt the owner got his bag back, but he probably got plenty more from Ervin too.
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