Ennio Guardi Barebacks Stan Simons

Duration: 25min 36sec Views: 9 856 Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: Ennio Guardi and Stan Simons make out in the kitchen, cooking up some hot, bareback sex. Ennio helps Stan lay on the kitchen island and puts his hand underneath Stan's shorts. Ennio pulls Stan's t-shirt over Stan's head then wraps his lips around Stan's cock. While sucking on Stan's pole, Ennio unbuttons his jeans and strokes his own uncut cock. Stan gets on his knees and blows Ennio. Ennio lifts his tank top revealing his hot, chiseled torso. He flexes his muscles while Stan's mouth sucks his hard tool. Stan lays down on the kitchen island and Ennio tastes and fingers Stan's hole, sucking his cock from time to time. Stan's hole is primed so Ennio barebacks him doggy-style. Ennio thrusts his raw cock deep inside Stan. Ennio sits on a dinning chair and Stan rides Ennio's pole bareback. They lay on the kitchen floor, spooning, Ennio pounding Stan bareback. Ennio's raw cock pushes the right button deep inside Stan's ass. Stan Simons shoots his load all over his torso. Ennio Guardi stands, dripping in sweat, and sprays his cum around Stan's mouth. What a great recipe!
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