Airman Cameron

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Description: Most military guys like to compare their boot camp experiences, and invariably, everyone says theirs was the hardest (event though everyone knows that it was the Marine Corps that had the hardest boot camp). The loudest chuckles usually come whenever an Airman says the Air Force had the hardest boot camp. But Airman Cameron, didn’t care whose was hardest. He just enjoyed his time in boot camp and the camaraderie he experienced, no matter how it compared to the other services. He also definitely enjoyed the shower time, quick as it was, catching a few random glances of his buddies scrubbing themselves down. Even though stories of boot camp sex are legendary, most recruits have no chance at getting any action outside of training. That’s why Airman Cameron was happy to get back to jerking off several times a day and as much sex as he wanted once he got out. And Cameron is certainly not shy about putting his hands to action. He starts by unbuttoning his blouse and working over his nips. Then he opens his blouse the rest of the way to show off his massive pecs and well defined abs. Once he has his trousers open, he lubes up with a bit of spit and starts stroking his package. In a few moments he is out of room, and Cameron has to let his growing cock loose. Cameron is definitely a grower, and with a little more spit, he gets his thick cock standing tall and ready for some intense action. Once he lays down, he starts pounding his cock harder, and edging himself closer while fingering his prostate. His toes start to curl and his hips thrust into each stroke. All of a sudden, streams of cum start launching from his cock, until he is coated in a nice white glaze. Then he laps it all up.
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