Lincoln & Ransom - Serviced

Duration: 18:35 Views: 618 Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2015
Description: A bottom is born! Lincoln has had a ‘prostate massage’ from a girl before, so he knows his back door likes that attention. Ransom sets to work getting Lincoln hard, and despite his skills, Lincoln stays pretty wobbly. Lincoln even tells him to “rub it” but Ransom was unsure what part he needed rubbing, so he started working on his balls. Bryan tells him to flip Lincoln over and pay attention to his ass. That did the trick! Ransom was amazed at how quickly he boned-up once he had his ass in the air. In fact, just getting in that submissive position was enough to get his cock hard! Ransom sets to work stroking his cock, pulling on his balls, while playing and licking hi hole, all of which sends Lincoln over the moon. You can tell Lincoln was eager to be fucked with the toy, the vibration action gets him even more turned on. The cum shot is powerful, and poor Ransom gets a nose full of jizz for all the hard work! A couple shots go down the back of his throat, and it took all his will-power to not cough it up.
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