Bryan & Kato - Edge

Duration: 18:03 Views: 111 Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2015
Description: Kato wanted to do more work, but just couldn’t get past doing more than receiving head. I had some down time over the holidays, and told him he could just do a simple Edge video. He has such a fat cock, I thought you all might like seeing some more of it. I did want him to do more, but also remembered he was so close to coming when Ransom blew him, and I thought I might be able to get a pure edge video. I figured I could keep him close to cumming for at least 15 minutes–which is a long time for Kato! Sure enough, his cock wakes up with a few nudges and I think about 2-3 minutes into the stroking he starts telling me he is close. You can see I am jumping off of it fast because of his hair-trigger response. Gotta make it last! But I didn’t let him off that easy and I kept trying different techniques to prolong his ecstasy. I got out the Fleshlight as well, and I am surprised his fat cock would fit inside the toy. I swear his cock is thicker than my wrist! I finally relent and allow him to cum. You can tell it is a super intense orgasm, and he gets some major distance on his cum shot! It’s a simple Edge, nothing fancy, so if you like a guy bound and helpless, then this video will please you!
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