Army Specialist Alex

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Description: Training soldiers can be tough work; involving grueling hours of physically strenuous workouts in order to forge new recruits into defenders of our nation, and Army Specialist Alex has what it takes. Even though he did not serve in a combat role himself, Alex did equally important work in staying behind to make sure we had well trained soldiers who were ready to deploy anywhere around the globe. Alex' days start at 4am when he musters his recruits for an hour of PT, and then goes right into weapons training and tactics. Alex loves to blow things up, and he is pretty damn good at it. He is a patriot through and through, and well mannered at that. But once his clothes come off, he shows just how wild he can get. Underneath his combat uniform stirs a huge thick cock and cum filled low hangers that are a perfect fit for Alex' large paws. It's clear that Alex is an expert stroker, running his tight grip slowly up and down the full length of his stiff rod. His fingers drift lower as he tugs at his balls and then slowly lets his fingers slip into his tight hole. Next Alex flips onto all fours and gives up and unobstructed view of his finger working his prostate before he turns over and starts jerking away on his meat some more. Alex starts getting close as he lets his spare hand finger his prostate deep. Then one finger becomes two fingers sinking into his hot hole. Within moments, Alex starts breathing harder and his abs clench down as he edges himself closer. He starts pounding away at his meat faster and harder, but has amazing control as he keeps himself from letting loose until he is ready. Then he lets a massive load rip all over his chest and abs before slumping back in total release.