Army Specialist JB

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Description: Nothing is quite as hot as a muscled Army stud in his well worn cammies. Army Specialist JB always dreamed of being in the Army even as a kid. Later, he found himself as a seasoned veteran with four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and just as happy to be in the Army. On his last tour, he got medi-vac'd by a hot female corpsman, and unable to keep his cock from standing at attention. Once he slides his hands into his pants, its not long before it's obvious that the corpsman got a real eye full. His hands work underneath the fabric until you can start seeing the outlines of a nice thick tool getting worked stiff. After a few minutes, JB has to let loose a few buttons to take some of the pressure off of his stiff cock. Soon JB has his blouse off and his trousers half masted, with his thick uncut cock and muscled frame in full view. His big man paws stroke his thick cock pulling his low hanging ball sack. But JB has much more to show off as he gets on all fours and shows off his hot v-shaped body and perfectly rounded butt. Once he gets going, he has his fingers diving in and out of that hot butt and his face down in the sofa. His cum filled nuts jogging from behind hint at how much load he is packing. Then he's ready to roll onto his back and start some serious jackin. That firm grip milking away at his thick cock is an awesome sight. His abs flex tight as his breathing gets heavy, it's obvious a major cum shot is going to be flying any moment. His hot muscled arms drive his cock until he lets loose a major gushing load that just keeps coming and coming, running down his hands and shaft, down into his crotch until it's coated thick with white cream.
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