Ondrej Oslava Barebacks Gregor Tanek

Duration: 27:37 Views: 5.5K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Muscle stud Ondrej Oslava and beefy hunk Gregor Tanek kiss and grope on their bed. Ondrej takes Gregor's t-shirt off then Gregor does the same with Ondrej. They lick each other's nipples and Ondrej shows off his right bicep. Ondrej stands on the bed and his shorts fall down. Out pops his rigid prick and Gregor immediately puts it in his mouth, sucking hard. Gregor pulls off his shorts and lays on the bed. Ondrej grabs his thick, beefy man-meat and gobbles it up. Ondrej sucks while he strokes himself. After kissing again, Ondrej prods Gregor's ass with his finger. As soon as Gregor's hole is ready Ondrej plunges his raw cock in, barebacking Gregor's ass. There's a lot of moaning as they fuck. Ondrej gets on his back and Gregor sits astride him. He leans back and puts Ondrej's raw cock into his ass. Ondrej pounds Gregor bareback hard from below. Gregor bends over and they kiss some more. Then Ondrej, hungry again, sucks Gregor's massively thick, uncut dick. Gregor gets on all fours and Ondrej pummels his hole bareback from behind. With Ondrej's raw cock inside, Gregor Tanek lifts up and strokes until he shoots his load onto the bed. Ondrej Oslava pulls out and cums on Gregor's ass, then turns him over for some passionate kissing.
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