Alexy Xavier - Having The Jitters 2015

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Description: Although primarily straight, Alexy Xavier is a pretty open-minded guy. Like many other guys on the site, he strips in one of the city's male stripclubs, and has done a few solos in the past. He has also fooled around with guys, enjoying to explore, as he says... trying new things. Ben Rose did this interview as Marko was unavailable this day. Everything started out pretty relaxed, but just prior to shooting, our blond chiseled hunk got a call that seemed to throw him off his game a bit. We talked about rescheduling, but like a trooper, he insisted on going on. So, after getting Ben all hot and turned on during their interview, Alexy headed to the shower stall and hopped in for some fun. I was obvious that he had been distracted with his call and this got him nervous. So, to help him out, we provided him with some porn to stimulate his senses. It was obvious that Alexy is a showman. As nervous as he was, he eventually got more intensely into his j/o session and new how to play to an audience.
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