Cody Trembles & Adam Star - Part 2

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Description: Cody Trembles & Adam Star - Part 2 (2014) Gay Porn Online Cody and Adam are two friends who can't get enough of each other's big manly feet and sexy lean bodies. As this clip starts the pair are nude and we get an eyeful of Adam's stiff cock while he jerks it. Cody is kneeling at his pal's feet and as we watch Adam stroke himself he buries his face in Adam's wrinkled bare soles. He finds his friend's bare soles as irresistible as we do and he sticks out his tongue, stroking up and down the bottoms of Adam's feet. Soon he slides his feet up to Adam's face at we get a thrilling look at them nibbling and licking each other's plump toes while Adam continues to run his hands up and down his big stiffy. Eventually toes are not the only thing that Cody wants to suck on and he moves up Adam's body to slide his friend's huge dick into his mouth with obvious pleasure. It's hard to say what is hotter watching him work his lips over the head of Adam's dick or run his tongue all over Adam's toes, erotically licking between each one. Soon Adam is getting close to the edge and he wants to have some of Cody's sexy toes in his mouth when he shoots his load. Cody leans back and Adam crams his friends big toe in his mouth while he strokes harder and faster until he reaches an intense climax.
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