Boatswain's Mate Trey

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Description: Outside of Naval and Coast Guard service, few people know what a Boatswain's Mate is, or the deep history and crucial role that these men played onboard vessels. But most people would recognize the sound of a Boatswain's pipe. Boatswain's Mate Trey looks like the kind of guy with the lungs for such a pipe, and he has all the salt you would expect of someone who spends many months on end out at sea with no land in sight. Spending all those days out on the water can be challenging, sexually, and according to Trey, most guys take care of their needs with some good old fashion spit on the hand. Trey kindly offered to demonstrate his technique for self gratification, and slid his hands down to his trousers to start working his package and see what came up. He tossed his blouse off to the side, and peeled off his undershirt to show off a toned body and a few tats (looks like he might be a fan of Dallas). Coupled with his five days of scruff, he definitely looks the part of an old school Navy stud. Then the pulls his cock out and gives up a view of what it looked like when he would jerk off in his rack at night to porn. He slides down his trousers to his ankles and gets into working over his meat. Cum filled balls juggling bellow, clearly loaded and ready to fire. Trey jumps up to his knees and shows off his lean profile and tight butt as he strokes away some more on his pipe. Then he hops back down onto the sofa and works it over some more. As he starts edging closer, he lays back and tightens his grip as his thick thighs clench. He raises his head and starts spewing cum all over his abs before he collapses back onto the sofa. The sound of sticky cum cannot be beat.