Spoiled student gets an attitude adjustment

Duration: 53:03 Views: 1.0K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2011
Description: Spoiled student gets an attitude adjustment from the Creepy Janitor (Brenn Wyson, Cole Brooks) 2011 It's the last day of [REDACTED] before the big summer vacation, Cole Brooks is the last student remaining in the classroom. He is having an argument with his girlfriend online and Brenn Wyson, the creepy janitor just wants to clean up. Politely, Brenn asks Cole to leave but the stud throws several nasty remarks at the creepy janitor. Brenn is trying to stay out of trouble but here we go again. He ties up the boy and rips off his clothes in the classroom. Brenn then takes the boy into his basement living quarters for privacy. He beats the boy and fucks him hard in bondage. Lets just say that the student's attitude has been adjusted.
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