Angel - Solo

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Description: Every hot jock full of testosterone loves a good lay. This hot straight boy with abs of steel and an ass of a demi-god wasn't able to stop by at his girl friend's house before the football game. Angel was sexually frustrated all week long while his girlfriend was out of town. After roughing up with hot guys in spandex and asserting his male dominance on the field, Angel had to release. After he kicked ass in his game, he waited for everyone to leave the locker room so he could have some alone time. He pulled open his locker and took one look at some porn pics, plopped out his huge 8 inch cock. He stroked it hard and dropped his pants the rest of the way. He rubbed his head as he fantasized about fucking the hell out of some pussy. With a subdued, jock-moan his jizz jolted all over the bench and the floor. Once he caught his breath he took off bare ass to the showers to clean up. Straight dominants are the hottest.
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