Civilian Marten Fucks Sergeant Miles

Duration: 16:23 Views: 8.6K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2015
Description: Civilian Marten wants to get in better shape like his buddy Sergeant Miles, but doesn't always have time to make it to the gym. So Miles decides to show his buddy some easy workouts that he can do on the go without weights and machines. First, Miles starts off with some leg lifts. Marten stands over his buddy's head and presses back Miles' leg thrusts, showing off just how ripped Miles is. It's pretty clear that Miles enjoys the view also. Next, Miles get his buddy on the floor for some pushups - military style. They keep perfect rhythm as they thrust their pecs and clap hands, showing off tight toned arms and lats. Then they move on to their triceps as they press up from the sofa and pump up their arms even more. But now, Miles has a special exercise he wants to show his buddy. Miles sets his buddy back on the sofa, arms back as he reaches for his belt buckle and slides his buddy's jeans down. Marten is already sporting a stiffy, so it does not take long before Marten has a full rock hard boner going. Miles’ lip workout gets more intense as he throats down on his buddy deeper and deeper. Then Marten decides it's time to get his own lip workout going. Miles' fat cock gets a good workout, before he decides to jump down to all fours and give his buddy a chance to work out his hot hungry hole. Marten drives his thick cock in deep enough to get his buddy moaning his approval. Then Miles jumps on his back so he can get railed deeper by Marten's fat cock. Once his boots come off, Miles gets the good deep pounding he was hungering for. Next up, Miles decides to get in a leg workout as he squats down on Marten's rod, taking it balls deep. Miles rides the hell out of his buddy's cock, before he jumps to his knees and lays out his tongue to catch every drop of Marten's massive load. Miles shows off his cum covered tongue before he swallows it all down.