Corporal Anderson Fucks Airman First Class Paolo

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Description: Anderson and Paolo are getting to know each other today by each telling about his experience in the military. Anderson joined the Marines in order to be part of the band, while Paolo was part of the Military Police. They also have discovered that they share some Hispanic heritage and a love for music. Paolo suggests they get a little work out in together. Anderson leads the charge with a few exercises he learned in boot camp. The guys get a little sweaty and strip off their shirts. After comparing tattoos, Anderson is a little horny and begins kissing Paolo's stomach while grabbing his crotch. He unbuttons Paolo's pants and wraps his pink lips around the uncut monster, savoring the foreskin. Then he hops to his feet and whips out his own stiff dong. Paolo is excited to see such a big cock on a little guy. He begins slobbering all over it while stroking his meat. Anderson is greedy for something more than just a blow job and orders Paolo onto all-fours where he jams his giant dick into the waiting sphincter. Paolo grunts as his inner depths are probed by the massive dick. After pounding his buddy every which way, Anderson flops onto his back to let Paolo ride him. Paolo jumps on and goes like a rodeo cowboy before spraying a lake of cum onto Anderson's pale, chiseled abs. Anderson wants to return the favor and busts all over Paolo's chest. Anderson feeds his buddy the product of his balls one finger at a time.