Working Hard (2008)

Duration: 33:09 Views: 8.0K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2008
Description: Brent Corrigan, Ryan Buckley, Jake Green and Andy Banks (Working Hard) 2008 Brent and Ryan catch Jake and Andy performing some extracurricular activities that are “against the rules” of a working weekend, so Brent turns the situation around by filming the two and then making the scene a four-way with him and Ryan. Two separate pairs of sex partners get it on with some deep throat action, hard fucking, ass eating and all-out greedy sex. Once each partner has satisfied the other, they switch and continue to pig out. Brent moves over to Andy to see how much he’s learned from reading Mike Donner’s porn primer and the lessons he got from the other cast members. Apparently, Andy is a quick learner, taking Brent’s hard cock like a champ at the same time Jake is getting poked and prodded by Ryan. Once all four have had their toes curled in excitement they cum together to spill their hearty loads.
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