Deep Woods Teaser

Duration: 29:25 Views: 9.5K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2010
Description: Hunter’s biggest crushes, Brandon Lewis, as a rule we don’t usually do videos with guys in the industry because they intimate us hahah, no just kidding we don’t shot with them because we don’t pay guys to have sex with us, it’s that simple, and a lot of the guys in the industry are doing videos to make a living and we respect that but we want guys to fuck around with us for the love of sex, we want them to do it because they are into us, and that’s one of the reasons that our vids are so unique, in the case of Brandon Lewis, we met him on the Atlanta shoot and instantly fell in love with him. He is the sweetest, nicest southern boy in Atlanta, bar none! With his sexy smile, ripped body, fat cock, hairy hard ass, big blue eyes, deep voice sexy southern accent, he is pure sex on a fucking stick! When we first met Brandon, he was sipping a beer, chatting with the other guys on the shoot, when he looked over and saw us walk in, he instantly stood up walked over hand extended, and said HEY Y’ALL are awesome I love your stuff, Maverick Men Right? Hunter nearly came in his pants, haha, we chatted for a while had some beers then asked him if he would be into showing us around GA, he said it would be his pleasure, we drove around and got to know him, then parted ways and called him and asked if he wanted to hang out again after his shoot for On The Hunt, he said hell yes I love you guys, now it’s important to know that Brandon is as straight as a straight guy that does gay porn can be, lol, so his enthusiastic answer made us melt, when we met up with him, he decided to take us out to his favorite spot deep in the woods, and yes of course he was sweating and smelled AMAZING, lol, so I hit on him, he was hesitant at first then quickly changed his mind when we got to his favorite Blow Job spot in the woods, the three of us quickly ended up having a sweaty hot session in a quiet spot in the woods, we came all over the place, sucking, rimming, kissing you name it, we eventually ended up back at our hotel where we continued our fun, we had a serious all night fuck session that must be seen to be believed, this guy was a true fan and did the video with us for the sheer pleasure of being with us, we seriously love Brandon, he is as real as you can get, and as hot as they cum. Cole Maverick and Hunter
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