Ryan & Dalton + Behind The Scenes

Duration: 27:50 Views: 9.3K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2012
Description: It had been over a year since I’d seen Ryan.You know how things go... he got busy with work and school and we’d just lost touch.I was at a big outdoor event up north when I spotted him across the crowd. I didn’t recognize him at first. He was shirtless and he’d put on more muscle. But once it registered I ran right over. He was surprised to see me too.“Wow!” he said. “It’s a small world!”So we chatted for a bit and then I asked him when he was going to come back and get fucked.“You know, we have a whole bunch of new hotties!” I joked. Well, it didn’t take much convincing because a week later his was sticking his tongue down Dalton’s throat! “Oh my god!” he said after he’d just swallowed Dalton’s cock all the way to the base. “He’s so hot!” Dalton liked Ryan too. He was manhandling Ryan and fucking him all over the sofa!
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