Damien Auditions For Marko

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Description: After applying to Men of Montreal, Marko Lebeau called bi guy Damien Hope to come in for an audition. Damien looked good and seemed pretty relaxed, so he accepted Marko's proposal that his Audition would lead directly into his solo performance. Damien was a bit nervous about this leap, but decided to take the bull by the horns and go for it! Damien is 21 years old and he just finished a three-year stint in the Canadian Armed Forces. He's now looking at getting a job in landscaping for the summer months. If he does as good a job on lawns and gardens as he has on his body, he will definitely be successful at it, keeping things trim and sculpted. Marko and our videographer went into high gear as one took pics and the other filmed this 5'11' & 180 lbs. tattooed and metal-adorned sexy dude. Damien has a bit of a bad boy streak going on, and by his own admission, before his military service, he definitely fell into that category. It appears that the military has tamed the beast within. Well, we hope that there remains some residual feistiness in him... The guy has a nice boner that measures in at 7' of uncut meat. His body is naturally smooth. Although a bit nervous at the outset, Damien soon got comfortable and gave us a sexy show, stroking his dick and playing with his butt hole generously... With those bedroom eyes and that devilish smile, his expression just begs you to come join him for some hot action. Damien shot a nice load after pumping that piece of meat in various positions. And after his audition, Marko told this adventurous stud that he was hired! So, we are already planning Damien's next steps with us. Just keep watching to find out more! - Damien Hope
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